Monday, March 26, 2007

Triple Play

Why have only two garden beds when I can have three! I now have 3 beds with 150 sq ft of gardening heaven. Still need to fill #3 with dirt.

Bed 1 has a wide block of carrots sprouting now. Garlic is tall & green & seems generally happy.

Bed 2 has 4 tomato plants (24" spacing? really?), then two rows of cucumbers, 3 half rows (block style) of peas, 3 half-rows of spinach, 3 half-rows of lettuce. Everything is well watered and fertilized. Plan to extend the half rows in a few weeks to extend the harvest.

Bed 3 has at least beets & squash planned for a bit later in spring. Do I want to tackle melons? hmmm.

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