Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new garden

The kids planted carrots throughout the remaining space in the garlic garden. I ordered bunch of seeds from Ed Hume's Seeds. Carrots (orange, red, purple, yellow, and white), cukes, peas, lettuce, spinach, herbs, sunflowers, and mixed flowers. I figure this is enough for my first attempt. I picked up some more cedar boards and knocked together Bed #2. So now I have 100 sqft of gardening space. Ordered 8 cuyds of very rich soil from The Mulch Masters. My neighbor just sort of spontaneously showed up with a wheelbarrow and started helping me move this mini-mountain of dirt. Eventually he pointed out that moving this up my driveway hill was way too much work and he brought over his pickup (which just happened to have a dirt unloader installed. So we filled up the pickup several times. We've moved about half the dirt. More fun tonight. I definitely owe this guy a six pack.

Research indicates the garlic will be ready for harvest anywhere between May and July, depending on the variety. So I'm still waiting to see the scapes go up and the leaves to turn brown; that's supposed to be the sign.

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