Friday, April 20, 2007


Disney World, here we come. A week in sunny florida.

I've discovered a neat Disney resource called Over there you can read my trip report on our vacation.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I was in my email and something told me to look in my Junk Mail folder. I rarely do this. I gave a quick glace at the dozen or so spam there and then noticed one labled Congratulations, we've posted your Found message. Well over a year ago, while hiking around Falls Lake in Raleigh I found a schoolgirl note in the middle of the Mountains-to-Sea trail. All folded up like it was tucked in her pocket. So I sent it in to Found magazine. I recall they'd emailed back saying the scan they got was unreadable so I sent it again. Never heard from them. Now, more than a year later they published it as the Find of the Day. Weird.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tearing Down Exchange

I'm having a lot of fun this week tearing down an Exchange envrionment. I just deleted some three thousand mailboxes. Poof. All gone. Bye bye. More challenging is ripping out the public folder stores. Those things just don't want to die. I knew about deleting the OWA scratchpad and Store Event system folders, but it still wouldn't die. I finally went out on a limb and deleted the Schema system folder. Then it deleted easily. Hope that folder wasn't too important. But I figure we're shutting this whole domain down shortly anyway so how much impact could I really have. Deleting is so much fun! :-)

Soccer Practice

I enjoyed watching Evan run around doing soccer drills yesterday. He's learning how to throw in the ball. He spends a lot of time doing his hair pulling thing so I know he's stressed by the new environment; but he's trying really hard and mostly listening and staying out of trouble. And he's arguably not the worst player out there so I'm very proud of him! :-)


Had record cold Easter weekend. I covered my vegetable garden with sheets, but the peppers seemed to take the brunt of the damage. They have almost no leaves left. Tomatoes fared somewhat better. Carrot, pea, and spinach sprouts seem OK. Cucumber leaves have some damage at the tips. There's something growing in the lettuce bed, but I'm not convinced yet it's lettuce. Looks out of place and weedy. I may plant a few more lettuce seeds in that area as I think this crop may not have worked at all.