Monday, January 15, 2007


Where did December go? I spent all of December and the first half of January fighting off pneumonia. That was a new one for me. I don't recommend the disease. Generally unpleasant.

But the garlic continues to grow well. And my new employer decided to give raises and increased bonus percentages to most employees as part of salary survey they did to make sure they were competitive. I'd already been bumped quite well from my last job so I wasn't expecting anything more, but it's quite nice to get a raise after only 1 month on the job.

Christmas was very nice. We have scaled this holiday way back. By not setting expectations too high it's a much more relaxing experience. We had a turkey dinner (deep fried of course) with Dad and Marcia. Santa came and gave a few gifts to the kids only. Evan is very happy with is new bunny and gameboy. Chloe got Evan's old gameboy and new Care Bears. They both got Razor scooters from Aunt Sue and they were a big hit.

Following the theme of "scaling down", we had a simple birthday party for Evan this past Saturday which went really well. Evan loved his ice cream Bunny cake. Actually I think Evelyn liked it best since she ate most of it. :-) I led the kid in a bug making exercise that was really quite fun. Other kids worked at the perler bead station. The weather in January has been beautiful so the kids ran around and played and played outside. The grownups enjoyed watching them from the back porch. Very nice.

Finally, on the weather. It was mid 70s yesterday, so the neighbors got together for a barbecue. I got to watch a football game with "the guys". I realize this is actually the first time I've ever watched a football game end-to-end. I felt a bit like a fish out of water, but it was good exercise for my social skills. And the rum and cokes were free-flowing so I didn't mind not understanding some parts of the game.

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