Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kids are Cool

Both my kids are impressing me daily with how they are maturing and learning. I read Mummies in the Morning to Evan tonight. He read a paragraph aloud with me. First time he's read for me without being prompted. Very cool. He still claims he, "Hates reading. Reading is stupid!" But I'm seeing the light go on whenever he gets a new word.

Both kids helped wreck the front patio by making a vegetable "stew" in a big bucket. Key ingredients included mud, leaves, sticks, and copious amounts of purple fountain grass. They then dumped this stew all over the patio.

The weather has gotten tolerable of late. Sat outside for a pleasant chat with our neighbors. We all confessed to having googled/zillowed our fellow cul-de-sac denizens. Funny. All the kids are excited this week about learning what their new teachers will be for the following year. We find out tomorrow whose ours will be.

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