Monday, August 21, 2006


I always find it very annoying when I read comments on popular blogs (e.g. Rocket Boom) and the first (or third) post just says, "First!" Like we're supposed to care? Anywhoo, this is my very first blog posting. I'm not yet quite certain what the purpose of my blog is. But it seems like a blog is something I'm supposed to have.

I've been facing some challenges at work lately. My boss tells me, essentially, that I need to improve my "judgment" when communicating with others. I think, like a lot of geeks, that I just come off as arrogant sometimes. I tend to not put people first when communicating in my daily life. I recognize that and lately I've been trying to improve. I'm reading lots of self-help type stuff which is highlighting for me a lot of flaws on my personality. So when my coworkers look at me strangely these days when I go all out to be nice/pleasant/kind/gentle, etc, I tell them not to worry. It's just me trying out a new Rob. Rob version 2.0. I needed an upgrade.

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