Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shark Attack

So here I am minding my own business, splashing in the surf with my son Evan at Atlantic Beach, NC, when we notice a fire department pick-up truck come screaming down the beach right past us. Like something out of Baywatch. A minute later another "medical" type SUV goes screaming by. I figured someone might be drowning or had a heart attack or whatever. They stopped about 500 feet from where we were in the water. I mainly ignored all this... but then frantic mothers started waving their kids in to shore. I went up and quickly heard that the hub bub was about a shark attack! No way I thought. So I, and about 1000 other nosy people trotted down to see what was what. Sure enough they're bandaging up this woman who had a goodly part of her thigh missing. Her foot and one toe was also wrapped up. Not sure how bad the damage was. Cops on the scene said it looked to be a 5-6 foot shark from the bite radius.

Amazingly, they didn't close the beaches. No one went in for about an hour, but then we all started trickling back in as it was too damn hot to sit on the sand. And I'm on vacation and I'm going to swim dammit! :)

This has hit local news in Raleigh:


The news accounts don't make it sound quite as dramatic as it was being their live!

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