Friday, October 06, 2006


My town (Apex, NC) is front page news today. I woke up at 1am to sirens. After several minutes, I realized the sirens weren't moving. So I got curious and went outside. I noticed an odd orange glow on the horizon and the air seemed eerily foggy. Lots of sirens in the distance. Went back inside and turned on the TV and checked for local news. The first thing I heard the newscaster say was "large portions of Apex are being evacuated now..." I ran upstairs and woke Evelyn and we sat and watched the news of the chemical fire and evacuation. We called one friend known to be in the evacuation zone but got no answer.

At 8am I commuted to work on my normal route. I was the only car on NC-55 until I got to US-1. I noted state troopers blocking access back up 55 toward my house. Getting home today might be interesting. Winds have shifted from SE to N. Evelyn says 55 is now completely closed in Apex.

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